About us

Our Vision

To be the leading international company in building and enabling values

Our Mission

Using our practical and scientific frameworks and tools, we work on producing and developing value-oriented know-how; on being the inspiring partner for organizations and individuals; on improving the value-based professional and societal behavior. We aim at developing value systems, spreading value system culture, training on and enabling the system for the purpose of improving practices and human achievements in line with international standards.

Our Values

Public availment, credibility, authenticity, education and leadership

Behind the Company Name

A comprehensive methodology of formation dubbed Arrowad (an Arabic word meaning pioneers) that transfers values from mere mottos into real-life practices, behaviors, procedures.

Meaning of Logo

Values are palm trees; a good tree the roots of which are firmly fixed while its produce is beneficial to individuals, institutions (family, school/university and businesses), society and the nation.

Exclusive Precedence

translated into outcomes that form essential goals. In line with its methodology, Arrowad for Building Values develops targets for realizing these end goals. The prospectus further casts light on the holistic view of ABV philosophy of interpreting and understanding values, the company’s value-enabling methodology and the diverse array of ABV services and activities which increasingly attracts customers.
At Arrowad for Building Values, we are thankful to Allah for achieving a number of successes that we undoubtedly deem as a quantum leap in research, consultation and training services as well as in value-related institutional solutions and as a contribution to developing genuine knowledge on human development and improvement of societal and national institutions. Some of these achievements are as follows:

  • ABV adopts a unique philosophy based on firm scientific grounds and following a review of the national and international literature on values and a study of the best practices to avoid any shortcomings.
  • “ABV developed a unique philosophy based on firm scientific grounds.”
  • ABV developed an innovative scientific methodology for instilling values into individuals, which caters for the characteristics and requirements of the individuals’ incubating environment.
  • We seek to provide clients with services tailored to their needs and circumstances to help achieve their goals and plans.
  • “ABV developed an innovative methodology with promising outcomes.”
  • Meanwhile, we are keen on maintaining the national, Arab and Islamic identity; adapting to international changes; and co-existing with cultures and nations around the globe without jeopardizing our national and religious believes.

Our Ideas

ABV strives to add a unique qualitative value to leading businesses around the world and particularly in the Arab World. Our end goal is instilling values into individuals, organizations, societies and nations. To do so, the company utilizes a comprehensive value-forming methodology that covers embodiment of values; transforming values from an abstract concept into a well-defined entity by means of defining and identifying the value components as well as drafting value indicators; developing procedures for forming a value system; developing the five value-enabling streams (i.e. inspiration, education, edification, preparation of the supporting environment and training) using innovative scientific approaches, tools and evidence; and eventually individuals gaining the values of the environments. In this approach, the target audience transform values from mottos into tangible reality. The final product is a measurable structured system the positive impact of which can be sustained.
These methodologies and tools, among others, represent novel pivotal cases in generating value-related international knowledge. This is our competitive advantage that we seek to emphasize. In doing so, we will provide innovative development services in addition to an extensive package of unique effective products and services targeted to individuals, organizations and all sorts of incubating environments (i.e. family, school, university, public and private sector and non-profit organizations) and to influencers and opinion leaders locally and abroad.

Our Premises

Arrowad for Building Values is established in line with several national and international considerations as well as on the premises on which Arrowad Group was founded. Below is a summary of these premises.

I. The Saudi Vision

Arrowad Group established Arrowad for Building Values on the premise of the vision held by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the leadership’s direction represented in the Saudi Vision. This vision highlights the movement towards building a rigorous society with firm Islamic principles and that is proud of its national identity and adopts a moderate approach characterized by tolerance, discipline, proficiency, justice and transparency. The vision aims at realizing comprehensive development in all fields based on the belief in the importance of maintaining national unity and inculcating true Arab and Islamic values.

II. Value-Related International Institutional Principles

Arrowad Group aligns itself with the international values and principles adopted by the United Nations member states, which are directly relevant to human ethics and do not contradict with Islamic principles. AG ensures alignment with these principles and exploits them as a basis for developing its value-building methodologies for individuals and organizations. AG endeavors to add value to the whole world.

III. Convictions and Principles of Arrowad Group

Arrowad Group believes that focusing on building values is a strategic investment that returns value to society and realizes its investment goals. AG needs to effectively participate in forming a sound human being than benefits himself, his family, society, nation and human beings in general. The Group also seeks to develop programs that contribute to the success of organizations in our beloved country in particular and the Arab and Islamic world in general.

Our Goals

As a specialized institution, Arrowad for Building Values aspires to achieve the goals below:

Develop unique cognitive and practice products concerned with forming and enabling values

Cause qualitative and guided change in the behavior of individuals and concepts of administration and enable values in all incubating environments;

Share value-related knowledge; and

Achieve long-term feasible investment

Our Objectives

In order to achieve its goals, Arrowad for Building Values strives to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Developing databases comprising all value-related material;
  • Producing value-specialized knowledge (research, studies, action papers, books on values and value assessment, indicators of value acquisition by individuals of an incubating environment and the requirements provided by these environments for enabling the values);
  • Executing value-related consultations (across society and institutions) including:

    • Conducting field surveys;
    • Assessing values of individuals, institutions and society;
    • Developing value systems for public and private institutions; and
    • Providing value-related solutions, action programs and practical initiatives;

  • Contributing to cultural change of the individuals of a society in general by means of:

    • Cooperating with societal institutions to communicate a value culture;
    • Exploiting social media to inculcate values into society members; and
    • Implementing and participating in value-related scientific events including conferences, seminars, focus groups and panel discussions;

  • Implementing value-enabling procedures in six streams; namely preparation, enlightening, modeling, educating, edifying and training;
  • Developing AG investment tools for attracting projects in Saudi Arabian and the Arab markets in relation to building and enabling values;
  • Entering into partnerships and agreements with individuals and artificial persons locally and regionally for the purpose of achieving their goals; and
  • Generating financial returns that allow sustainability and improvement.

ABV Enablers and Activities

To achieve its goals and objectives and professionally and proficiently provide its services to society and institutions, ABV adopts four practical enablers which represent its internal activities. These are:

Arrowad for Building Values bases its operations on scientific research which is the foundation for producing all our scientific and practical products. ABV scholars and researchers conduct thorough, extensive and continuous research and studies of all accessible knowledge resources according to a plan coordinated with the development and service operations provided by ABV.

The purpose of this enabler is to guide researchers at ABV and elsewhere and support our service utilizers/partners in making use of the theoretical frameworks, research and studies on values. This means they can transform these into action programs, training material, practical procedures, value indicators and standard models of ABV’s scientific products. ABV has produced a massive number of methodologies and manuals that would assist scholars in achieving their scientific tasks by way of converting the theoretical frameworks into programs and scientific tools. For instance, some of these products are the value embodiment manual; the manual of developing indicators for measuring value adoption and organizational preparation of the environment; the manual on communicating a value culture in organizations among the responsible influencers; the edification and awareness manual; and manual of developing value training material. Our book entitled Philosophy of Interpretation and Methodology of Formation, which is accessible via our website value.sa, provides a detailed account of each.

ABV believes partnerships and collaborations in the Arab and international arena are crucial to achieving its goals and play a significant role in improving its chances of obtaining knowledge, exchanging ideas and promoting creativity. Hence, an essential enabler of ABV operations is entering into strategic and investment partnerships with organizations and individuals specialized in building values. The company pays special attention to effective partnerships involving mutual action plans that realize the goals of all concerned partners. ABV also signed a number of memorandums of understanding and working agreements with individuals and organizations concerned with values.

Another enabler of ABV is publishing and empowering intellectual productions specialized in building values via print and electronic media as well as making these accessible to the public for free. Furthermore, ABV is concerned with organizing relevant conferences and events, acquiring new knowledge and utilizing successful experiences. This enabler allows ABV to make use of third part experiences in addition to offering help to others, and that is our contribution to community service and assuming social responsibility.

ABV Activities

Arrowad for Building Values is a service provider; hence it offers a package of specialized activities for building and enabling values into individuals and organizations. ABV promotes four essential activities, namely consultation, studies, training and evaluation. Below is a detailed account of each.

I. Consultation and Institutional Solutions
These services comprise planning, organization and theorization and are oriented towards organizational, strategic and executive structuring for the target consumers. The services include:

  • Developing the policies and procedures for building and enabling values;
  • Drafting the value systems documents;
  • Developing the value culture plans and promoting exchange of knowledge;
  • Developing directives for communicating the culture;
  • Preparing the requirements for a value-incubating environment; and
  • Developing papers on value integration into the curriculum.

II. Research and Studies
On behalf of its clients, Arrowad for Building Values conducts scientific, theoretical or field studies and research including:

  • Theoretical research and studies;
  • Surveys and questionnaires; and
  • Survey studies.

III. Training
Training is an essential ABV service that seeks to inculcate values into individuals. ABV offers an all-inclusive training package (i.e. the operations before, during and after training) including:

  • Developing training content;
  • Training of trainers specialized in enabling values; and
  • Implementing training of all stakeholders.

IV. Evaluation and Assessment
In order for its clients to evaluate and assess the incubating environment as well as its members, ABV offers three types of evaluation and assessment services:

  • Evaluation of individual values;
  • Evaluation of corporate values; and
  • The degree to which an institution provides the value requirements.