Products and tools

Scientific Products Practical Tools

There is a need to transform scientific research and theories on values into programs, tools and procedures. Otherwise, all these efforts amount to just an enrichment to the academic literature. For this reason, ABV developed a scientific methodology and used it as a foundation for creating a massive number of practical tools that help realize its goals. In this prospectus, ABV presents some of these practical products which undergo constant development. The products are upload in stages and sorted out on ABV website so that researchers and stakeholders with interest in values can have access. The products are categorized into six groups as follows.

Samples of the Scientific Products and Practical Tools

In order to transform the theoretical frameworks covered in the first three sections of this prospectus into hands-on practices, ABV developed a set of instructional manuals, operational guidelines, assessments, programs and practical tools which can be utilized by value-enablers to achieve practical and measurable outcomes. It is evident that corporate leaders take interest in building and enabling values and value systems in their respective organizations. Therefore, we picked two models of our practical tools, which were developed in line with ABV Methodology. These are: